June Nicole Lapine AKA Shoe0nHead: Is Youtube Star Married?

He’s also made another channel called Armoured Media where he reviews movies among other things. Fluhrer was born in Canada to a Christian Family. His mom was active within the church daycare and he would often attend church on a daily basis in his youth. He would often sit and wait for the church minister to finish his ceremony and would often get bored. One day however, his father stopped attending church and later on both himself and his mom also stopped going. His family remained Christian but never spoke about religion ever again. During his school days, Fluhrer got a learning disability and was made fun of by students, pitied by his principal, and talked down to by his teachers. Due to this disability, he was never granted a college degree and attended a local university instead of his chosen campus and was soon later on diagnosed with undiagnosed depression that he had all his life. Fluhrer then turned to a religious group that he had known in his childhood as he became more and more paranoid and needed help.

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Her opinions tend to be on the more left side but still holds some conservative views. June has spent most of her life around the camera. She used to make films as a child and teenager. One of her childhood dreams was to become a movie director. However, this channel broke up, due to the other owners of the channel not being as into video making as she was.

On July 25, , she created the Shoe0nhead channel, where she made vlogs about her opinions and things that happened in her life, especially around the time she had begun attending college, majoring in film.

Karen Walker-Maxell See more. Shoe0nhead dating armored skeptic karen – Armoured Skeptic – Shoe0nhead/june laporta & armoured skeptic/gregory.

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Previous over 1 year ago. Shape-Shifting Reptilians run the world. View more. Mustache View more. In those videos, people were attempting to straw-man atheists as members of an ideology and believers of a godless universe and then debunked that straw-man.

That was awesome! I didn’t expect that! I respect the hell out of Shoe0nhead! Damn smart girl! No, we’ve never met. I’m actually a little surprised she likes my.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Shoe is currently dating Armoured Skeptic and is friends with Sargon of Akkad, often attending live streams with them that consist of nothing but disturbing grunts, moans, and cries as the two men take advantage of her while their audience pleasure themselves. The Armoured Skeptic, who she’s dating in real life.

She also sometimes pops up in Sargon’s videos as well. Hypocrite: Her take on quite a few self-professed feminists, who seem more interested in virtue-signalling, opportunism and touting sexist superiority than actual concern for women. This has extended to a number of ideologues as well. Germany dating sites in english — Shoe0nhead armored shoe0nuead dating sites — Dating sites for different races in the world —. Thank you for that lesson, Jenny. Nothing happened from this. Prime Bill Xi met a lot about how xi jesus most north people.

Shoe0nHead was mentioned in episode when a mentally-challenged transvestite claimed she was being exploited by treacherous men on shoe0nhead armoured skeptic dating Internet.

shoe on head dating armoured skeptic

YouTube conspiracy theorist and skeptic who is known for his eponymous channel. He has gained popularity there for his frequent eclectically edited vlog entries dealing with various conspiracy theories concerning religion, politics, and science. He began his YouTube channel on February 26, He posted his first video there on March 27,

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Post a Comment. One of my biggest pet peeves with people is when they say things that are deceptive as well as people who don’t blame themselves when they do something suspect. So a few days ago, the polarizing figure, Jenny McDermott made a video response to a Google Hangout hosted by former friends Kristy Winters and Kevin Logan where they brought up “Armoured Rapegate” and she had a lot of bad things to say about the pair while blaming everyone but herself for what happened during the internet scandal.

Kristy Winters was merely that annoying feminist that made excuses for the stooge feminists like Jenny McDermott, Laughing Witch, Hannibal the Victor, and Bewildered Ape for writing letters to Thunderf00t’s bosses in the Czech Republic. What they did was write letters to the University that he worked at that said that Phil Mason was a bigoted Nazi sympathizer that hates woman, is “racist against Muslims”, and has an army of skin headed Neo Nazi’s.

They did this because he made a series of videos about the pop culture critic and professional victim named Anita Sarkeesian and they also thought that he would lose his job because in the Czech Republic, it is often illegal and a a person could get thrown in jail if it can be proven that he was a Neo Nazi. Now because the University he works at did a background check, they were able to find that Phil was not guilty about this.

While Phil was unharmed by this, Laughing Witch almost lost her business, Hannibal the Victor was outed as a sex offender because Thunderf00t’s fans found out that he either tried to have sex with a 17 year old or he got caught in a sting operation that included what he thought was a 17 year old.

Shoe0nhead armoured skeptic dating

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Learn about Armoured Skeptic (YouTube Star): Birthday, bio, family, parents, age​, He began dating fellow YouTuber Shoe0nHead in

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Shoe0nhead armoured skeptic dating

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YouTube conspiracy theorist and skeptic who is known for his eponymous channel. He has gained popularity there for his frequent eclectically edited vlog entries dealing with various conspiracy theories concerning religion, politics, and science. He began his YouTube channel on February 26, He posted his first video there on March 27,

armoured skeptic daughter.

June Nicole Lapine [1] [2] [3] [4] — , [5] better known as Shoe0nHead [6] [note 1] is a self-described social democrat [7] YouTube commentator who criticizes feminism and Tumblr ” SJW ” culture. While seemingly identifying with anti-feminist Youtube at-large, [8] and espousing mainly anti-feminist views, she also shies away from the label ‘anti-feminist’, [9] and has preferred the label, ” egalitarian “, instead.

Lapine first achieved major fame from her “Oppression Olympics” video in Using this character, she participated in the “Pee Your Pants for Feminism” hoax. Lapine claims leftism, despite the extensive history of support for MRAs and totally-not-racists. In , she expressed admiration for Sanders. In , she called herself left-libertarian leaning, [31] but not particularly ideological, [10] and supported Bernie Sanders for president.

Shoe0nhead dating armoured skeptic

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Aug 12, – Shoe0nHead, Armoured Skeptic, and Lauren Southern sex, dating and relationships and I’ll make youtube.

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Paul Lewis 25 days ago. Edward Evans 5 days ago. It concerns shoe0nhead and Armoured Skeptic, two well-known internet personalities. Christopher Hernandez 23 days ago. Armoured Skeptic powerword: Gregory Fluhrer , aka AjaxBongo or hraffy, is a morbidly obese, Canadian youtube “Skeptic” with a chromosomal disorder this is not a joke , whose incompetence and gullibility that has lead him to losing all of his money to a cult , coupled with his desperate desire to appear intelligent to overcompensate for him

So what cigars do you smoke. datinh Which do you identify with the least. Steve Shives’ Slanderous Email – Pic 1: Pic 2: The “Sargon,. Bearing.

Especially because they continue to refuse to denounce her and cut ties. Join Facebook to connect with Leo Naylor-Orchard and others you may know. Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof – text, media, or otherwise – do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration. Cristen has a case of fraud fever, and the only cure for it is more scams! I watched her in the beginning of high school, which changed my perception of social politics and attitudes towards sex and body image.

King approve of the riots? Should we? Social media mobs can very quickly become sources of harassment and abuse. Plus, Caroline plays Who Wants to Scam a. Harris is a great leftist YouTuber too. The comparison between John Green and Elvis, sure, I can abide. To illustrate this point, I played a clip of a woman who describes herself a sex-educator, Laci Green.

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